LONDON, August 22nd, 2016 - Sol Trader, the science fiction game that's all about people and relationships, has just receved a major update.

Version 1.1 contains a massive expansion of the conversation system and a brand new system map to help ardent private investigator more easily find who they're looking for.

The new conversation system is a mini-game built on a matching mechanism, where you match conversation subject to increase your relationship with the character you are talking to.

"The conversation system overhaul is far more game-changing than I could have imagined. It is easily the most impressive dialogue mini-game that I have ever encountered. I found myself getting drawn in deeper and deeper."

Baile nam Fonn, Limit Theory forums

Players stats are now much more important, with a wide variety of subjects to discuss that depend on you carefully picking the from a large array of options. You can now talk about anyone in the game, discover people's full social networks, and discover second degree connections. This makes it easier than ever to find that elusive character.

The game also now has a full system map to help you find your way around. As well as detailing all the planets, cities, factions and organisations in the game, the map will also tell you which parts of the system are easy to get to and which areas aren’t accessible yet.

"Version 1.1 improves the conversation system dramatically - players can now discuss politics and immigration, befriend characters on two separate social networks, or challenge others to cards or arm wrestling."

Chris Parsons, Sol Trader's creator

More about Sol Trader

"If you don’t want to play Sol Trader... I’m afraid we can’t be friends anymore. That’s just the way it is."

Rock Paper Shotgun

Sol Trader gameplay is a mix of classic top down 2D spaceflight and in depth strategic manipulation of your network of contacts. No ship is given to you at the start of a new game: you must borrow money from friends, family or the bank, or borrow a ship from a wealthy relative.

In Sol Trader you fly from planet to planet in our solar system in the near future, interacting with the various characters you find in cities and in space.

Each new game is already 200 years old. Thousands of random characters are born, live and die as the game is generated, creating unique societies. When starting a new game you do so from your character's birth, choosing your parents and all your major life choices as you grow up. Your choices determine your personality, your friends, relatives, business contacts and and enemies.

There is no set story. The game generates two centuries of characters, events and interactions to set the scene: as a player, you are born into this world and form relationships in it before the game starts. You’ll then be able to create your own legend within this world: explore the known (and unknown) solar system, trade goods, run missions, leverage your contacts, and avenge members of your family as you see fit.

You can research information on other characters through chatting to friends and relatives. You can customise your ship with better guns, passenger quarters and scanners. You can run lucrative missions using your family and friends' connections to government or business, or trade goods for a profit.

A full presskit can be found here.

About Chris Parsons

Chris is a former AAA video game developer, working for Elixir Studios for four years. He wrote code for Republic: the Revolution and Evil Genius before going freelance in 2004. More recently he has been involved in the web industry, programming, training software teams and speaking at conferences. Sol Trader is his first independent video game title.

For more information please contact Chris on:

Phone: +44 7775833448 (mobile/facetime)

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