Purchasing Sol Trader

When you purchase Sol Trader, you're purchasing the version that's available today: whether that's in very early development or on general release. Subsequent updates are considered an added bonus - the development price of the game is discounted and will include the final released game. We aim to release updates for our products but cannot guarantee they will appear and/or be supported in the future.

So can I distribute Sol Trader to my friends?

You can't distribute anything we've made to other people, including modified versions of what we've made. The game needs to come from just us so that we can control the integrity of the product, and prevent piracy and fraud. Also, please don't use anything we've made for commericial purposes.

Aww. Can I modify the game then?

Sure, you can modify it - but remember not to distribute anything we've made that you've modified. Anything related to the game that you write from scratch is yours: but please don't make it sound too 'official', as we can't support it.

Can I make a suggestion or fix something?

Sure. If you suggest changes, we'll assume you are making it for free, unless you say so before the suggestion was made. If you email us a suggestion without checking, you're making it for free. Likewise, if you submit fixes, patches or improvements of any sort, we will assume those are given for free.

Do you offer a warranty?

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by Think Code Learn in a separate written license agreement, this product is provided AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, including without any implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, or NON-INFRINGEMENT.

As a condition to your use of this product, you are solely responsible for such use. We will have no liability to you for direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages or for lost profits or data, especially if you play the game at work and your boss catches you.

What if I want a refund?

Write to support@thinkcodelearn.com within 7 days of purchase and we'll refund you, no questions asked. You won't receive any further game updates if you have been given a refund. And no, this won't affect your statutory rights.

Hey, what's your Privacy Policy?

We collect information anonymously when you visit the site to help us improve it. We also collect personal information from you when you purchase a game or sign up on the mailing list, in order to supply you with the product, and to improve it in the future.We also collect statistics of your use of the game to help us improve the game in future, and potentially (with your prior permission) post your in-game achievements publically.

We might contact you from time to time with news about our company, or about game updates or your use of a game. You can opt out of being contacted if you wish. We do not share information publicly without your prior permission, and will never share information with third-parties for marketing purposes.

Under the UK Data Protection Act, you have the right to request access to the data we hold on you, and get it corrected, or ask us to remove it. Our website hosting providers are in the US, so your account data is under US law and therefore not protected under EU law.

Anything else?

We might change this notice at any time, with immediate effect. If there's anything legal that you want to know about that we've not answered, get in touch. We're nice and want to do what's fair.